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April Wahlin Signing at Booth #1126 at WonderCon 2019

April Wahlin will be appearing at WonderCon Anaheim 2019 at Nuclear Blast booth #1126 on Friday, March 29 and Saturday, March 30 at 3pm-4pm. She will be selling hardcover and paperback copies of her books, Pandora Syndrome and Thirteen Offerings. Come say hi!

April recently celebrated the release of her second novel, Pandora Syndrome, with an in-store book reading and signing at The Last Bookstore in downtown Los Angeles. See the photos below for a peek into the event.

Pandora Syndrome is a darkly comedic take on supernatural vampire fiction. Having been walled into the basement of a local coffee shop, Pandora Todd aka Dora distracts herself by reflecting on the circumstances that led her to become a vampire, a story that begins in 1982 on the famous Sunset Strip. After waking in the bed of a handsome stranger with a pair of snake-like fangs, Dora discovers the strange ability to control all things dead, a distinctly un-vampire trait that could land Dora in a grave of her own. The cover artwork was created by Blake Armstrong at

In case you missed it, April recently made a guest appearance on the Cult Classic Horror Podcast and introduced the CCH hosts to one of her favorite cult classic films, Freaked. They talk about Keanu Reeves incognito, the Winona Ryder Turd, stealing hotel towels and MUCH MORE! Listen to the episode at

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