Originally from San Diego, CA, April Wahlin studied theatre in college and has spent her professional years in the Entertainment Industry as an actor. She is the winner of the Fox Reality TV show ‘The Search for the Next Elvira.’

In 2015 April Wahlin published her first novel, an anthology titled 'Thirteen Offerings: Stories Of Ithiria'. Her second novel 'Pandora Syndrome' is slated for release March 5, 2019. 

It was while working on the set of Christopher Guest’s "Thank You for Your Consideration" that April realized she wanted to be a writer and ‘put to pen’ the ideas and bizarre dreams rolling around in her head. Later the works of Grimm, Shelly, and other classic tales the world over came to exist on April's pages in new forms. After winning 'The Search for the Next Elvira' and discovering the works of Christopher Moore, many of April's characters took a comedic turn. It wasn’t long until the creatures began to cross each other’s stories. 

Growing up in San Diego is where April first dreamt of a world called Ithiria; a fantastic land where elementals guarded the natural balance and evil was born of good intentions. Ithiria has tales of unwitting royals who unearth great magic, children who wander into dark woods in search of dark creatures, vampires who discover their origins go deeper than a mere lifestyle change, and sheltered adolescents who find themselves capable of heroic feats. All of these plots and characters work toward the greater history of Ithiria.

April currently lives in Los Angeles. She has a near-constant habit of nerding out on anything comic book, movie, myth, fairy tale, or supernatural. You can find her attending masquerade balls, steampunk events and comic conventions every year. She's been a volunteer at San Diego Comic-Con International since the age of 16 and she has a table in the Autograph Area.